10 Best Twitter Banners and How to Create Your Own

What is a Twitter Banner or Header?

A banner is the long rectangular image at the top of your Twitter account. As this is a customizable space, you can upload any image you wish. Some refer to this area as the cover photo for Twitter, perhaps because most people upload an image from their photo library in this space. But, you’re not most people, so go one step further to make a graphic no one else will have.

It’s important to have a good Twitter background as this is what introduces viewers to your page. If your account promotes your company, services, or a product, you want to let your followers know that from the start.

What is the Correct Twitter Banner Size and Format?

The correct size for a Twitter banner is 1500 by 500 pixels, and the maximum file size is 5 megabytes. The app allows JPG, PNG, and non-animated GIF file formats.

Using the correct Twitter size image and file format ensures that your photo will look its very best. If your image is too large, you could risk having to crop some out, and if it’s too small, the image could end up oddly stretched. Remember that using the best file quality possible prevents grainess and warping.

What do the Best Twitter Banners Have?

Cool Twitter banners get their good reputation for meeting the following parameters:

  • The banner lets viewers know what the page is all about
  • Any images used should contrast well with the profile picture
  • Be careful to make sure the header is not busy or distracting (after all, your followers are there for your witty tweets)
  • The banner should serve a purpose, like cueing followers into the content, announcing a promotion or launch, or displaying a brand logo

What Types of Twitter Banners are There?

  • Seasonal
  • Sales
  • Social media marketing
  • Hashtags
  • Aesthetic/artsy
  • Photography (your own or stock photos)
  • Personal
  • Logo
  • Product release
  • Editorial (magazine or book covers)
  • Wallpaper (an eye-catching pattern)

10 of the Best Twitter Banner Examples:

Before you jump into the tutorial below, it’s worth checking out the following examples for some design inspiration:

  1. Hilton
  2. Gucci
  3. TOMS
  4. Taco Bell
  5. Lady Gaga
  6. Target
  7. The Museum of Modern Art
  8. Architectural Digest
  9. Blue Bottle Coffee
  10. Swarovski

How to Design the Best Twitter Banners with Picsart

Want to create the best Twitter banners but don’t know how? Fear not. Here’s how.

1. Open the Picsart web application and under Designing Forselect Twitter.

2. From the pop-up menu, choose Twitter Cover.

3. It’s time to have some fun with your canvas. If you have an image in mind or would like to peruse a library of options, select Photos from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Use the search bar to look for a stock image or upload your own by cursuring over to My Photos.

4. Click on the Text tool and type in your copy, customizing the font, size, placement etc.

5. Fancy adding some finishing touches? Click on Stickers and search for something suitable from the library of options or add your own.

6. When you’re done, click on Export to save your design and upload it to your Twitter profile.

Designing on mobile? That’s easy too.

1. Start by opening the Picsart app and tapping on the purple plus symbol.
2. Scroll down to Backgrounds and select a blank canvas, then tap on the Fit tool, select Rate and choose Twitter Header.
3. Add your image to the background by tapping on the Add Photo tool and selecting one from the library of options or uploading one of your own.

4. You can add Text or Stickers here to jazz up your design. The best Twitter banners usually have something extra added here, so it’s a good idea to consider these finessing touches.
5. Finalize the look and feel of your design and tap on Apply and then Next to save it.
6. Upload your fab new Twitter header to your profile.

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