10 Newsletter Design Examples & How to Create Your Own

What is an email newsletter?

The newsletter, as the name implies, gives your followers news, personal or professional. Newsletters drive clicks to other content like your website or social media pages, so it’s best to keep these notes brief, highly visible, and specific. Good newsletter design gives people the headlines for your biggest updates or latest content. Everyone gets a huge amount of emails these days, and you want your message to stand out.

Since people usually have to sign up to receive a newsletter, this is the kind of content they actually want. Your challenge is to keep it that way.

Why is it important to have a good newsletter?

Sharing is everything. Yes, even in a world where we constantly watch content, people still want to know which brands and issues they care about. Since newsletters require a subscription, that means you have to give people what they want. If you do, your readers will click through to your site or social media platforms, to continue the virtual conversation. If you’re trying to build a following, business, or organization, this is how you can expand your reach and gather a custom audience.

What are the elements of a good newsletter?

  • Attractive subject line
  • header (a consistent visual element that helps recipients quickly identify the sender of the content)
  • Calls to action (interactive elements such as CTA buttons that allow users to click to access more content, donate, or participate in other ways)
  • Stunning visuals (photos, stickers, graphics)
  • social media icons
  • Contact info
  • Easy-to-read written content divided into subheadings
  • White space (avoid crowded designs)
  • cohesive color scheme
  • A look that renders well on the web and mobile devices (be sure to check preview mode)

Different types of newsletters:

Tips for creating a good newsletter:

  • Stick to this point: You have a lot going on. But, your content will be more effective if you only share what you need. Ask yourself what is the motivation behind your email. If it’s about launching a new recipe or product, do just that, and avoid the temptation to talk about other exciting changes in your company. You can send other information in a newsletter in the future.
  • Be visible: We’re all guilty of reading speedy emails, and who can blame us? Nowadays, our inboxes fill up exponentially by the second. When creating a newsletter, don’t just use eye-catching graphics and images, but make your text stand out so that the reader’s eye is directed around the page by brief headers.

How to make an online newsletter

  1. When you’re ready to explore newsletter design, open the Picsart web app and scroll down to File Templates Section. Choose show all on the right side of the screen.

2. from All templates The dropdown menu on the left side of the screen, select the email address which is our most suitable template for email newsletter introductions.

3. Select the model you wish to work with. Keep in mind that you can change all the elements of this design in the following steps, so don’t worry if what you see doesn’t quite suit you. At the very least, the form should serve as an inspiration for the design.

4. In the right panel on your screen, you will be able to see all the elements that are currently in the design. Elements like text are editable, but images need to be completely replaced. To remove an item, click on the three dots in the item’s thumbnail and select delete from the popup menu. tap on Pictures A button to upload your own images, or add any of the available stock libraries.

5. text And shapes They can be changed using the toolbox to the left of your canvas. To change the color of one of these elements, highlight the drop icon and then use our color picker or ready-made shapes to adjust the tonality. The text can be changed by selecting the font icon from the toolbar itself and then selecting a new typography or character size from the menu that appears on the left side of the page.

6. If you want to add graphics to the design, click attachments Tool, search Picsart’s library or upload your own. Remember that if you want to alter anything in a template, you will first have to delete the element that is already in the design.

7. When you are satisfied with your design, download it for use in all future newsletters by clicking issue The button in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to make a newsletter on a mobile phone

Design on mobile? The process is just as simple.

1. Open the Picsart mobile app and tap the purple plus sign to start.

2. Scroll down to File Templates category and press All templates.

3. Search for “email” and browse through the options until you find a template for your newsletter design.

4. Now let’s customize the newsletter design. Click on background Tool and modify the image, color or material of your chosen template.

5. Press text Tool and type any copy you want to add to the design, choose custom font options, text styles, colors and many more. When you are satisfied with the text, confirm the modifications by clicking next one.

6. Finish your design at any last minute EffectsAnd attachmentsor anything else required before clicking next one To save your work.

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