33 Free Valentine’s Day Wallpapers and Backgrounds

However you choose to celebrate, we’ve put together a fun collection of valentine’s day wallpapers Easily download and add to your phone or desktop or enlarge wallpaper. If you find yourself pining for a wallpaper, you can spread the love and turn it into a Valentine’s Day card to send to the person you like, your best friend or family (Check out this easy tutorial). They are sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face:

spread the love

It’s the season of love, so why not share it? Spread the love with these free Valentine’s Day wallpapers.

1. Lend a helping hand

St. Valentine’s day Flowers transmitted between two people? lovable. Courtesy of Picsart Master @lizcc1.

#film #picsart #edit #effect #filmeffect #hands #love #flowers #galaxy #earth #background via Picsart

2. Just being direct

In an age where subtle cues are lost because we all communicate via video calls, why not go ahead and be live?

#loveme #love #mountain #picsart #edit #galaxy #night #heypicsart via Picsart

3. Hitting Cupid’s Arrow

Hitting cupid’s arrow while waiting around your day taking care of your own business? Mr. Picsart @anaradchenko1 Captures the moment perfectly for VValentine’s Day background.

#freetoedit #picsart #myedit #remix #remixit via Picsart

Perfect gift

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day desktop wallpapers embody everything you want to give or receive. Do you use these images as hints or subtle reminders in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day?

4. Roses are red

Violet flower is blue in color. Use this background as a subtle reminder to make your requests.

Give us the best mod for you!  Unsplash (Public Domain) #rose #flower #background #valentine #valentinesday #freetoeditvia Picsart

5. One rose, a thousand meanings

Sometimes, a single rose can mean so much more when paired with a fun wallpaper like this.

#FreeToEdit via Picsart

Hearts are everywhere

6. Our splatter hearts pitter splatter

Splatter art is a hot aesthetic trend and this way you can distinguish who or what you really like front and center.

    #freetoedit #splash #love #heart #dripeffect # trending # replay # myreplay # neon # picsartvia Picsart

7. Neon. neon. Newoon.

Spread your joy with this bright neon color desktop wallpaper.

Remix it..!  #madebyme#mybackground#background#pink#freetoedit#aesthetic#heart#remixitvia Picsart

8. Love for your phone

How much time do you spend on your phone? Let’s be real, it’s probably more than what you spend with your partner. Dress up your phone for V day with this valentine’s day wallpaper.

Love comes in many colors!via Picsart

9. lit

bright? Check. festive? Check. Perfect for your Galentine video call background? Check.

Reincorporate your imagination into this picture!  Unsplash (Public Domain) #hearts #valentinesday #valentinesday #background #love #freetoeditvia Picsart

10. No-cleaning paper clips

Let’s be real, you don’t want to clean all these scraps off the floor, but they’re perfect for valentine’s day background.

Give us the best mod for you!  Unsplash (Public Domain) #heart #hearts #love #valentine's day #valentinesday #freetoeditvia Picsart

Say it out loud!

11. Who do you love?

Express your love for your favorite band, or pet, with this fun, customizable wallpaper. or Perfect a Valentine’s Day Selfie And add your own picture here.
#freetoedit #monstax #kpop #valentinesday #love #bemine #happyvalentinesday via Picsart

12. Does your love shine?

Say that with this vibrant glitter Valentine’s Day desktop wallpaper.
#love #valentine's day #valentine's day #sparks #flowers #flowers #love #February #freetoeditvia Picsart

13. Gently Nostalgic

Do you have anything to say? Say it with the hearts of the conversation. Use this wallpaper or Make your own candy heart To capture exactly what you want to say.

Instagram: varshannaik |  #FreeToEdit #remix #edit #green #blue #yellow #hearts #conversationhearts #pink #background #dottedline #black #font #draw #graphivia Picsart

14. We really love it

Use Picsart Replay to apply this worthy double-click edit to your own photo valentine’s day picture. It is sure to generate all the likes.

#freetoedit #hearts #love #likes #valentinesday #valentine's day #red via Picsart

15. “L” is the way you look at me

Sometimes you have to spell it.

Courtesy of Unsplash (Public Domain) #FreeToEdit #love #billboard #lightvia Picsart

16. Say It With Scrabble

Speaking of spelling, this is guaranteed to win their hearts, if not the game!
#FreeToEdit #Love #interesting #art #color #remixit via Picsart

It’s elementary

17. This love is outer space

Your feelings are too strong to be contained here on earth? Take it to another dimension with this wallpaper.

18. Get Cloud 9

Daydreaming of someone special? Live in the clouds with this dreamy modification.

19. You are my norte

My only light…

20. I love you to the moon and back

Even if this is self-love.

21. Written in the stars

Look, you can see it there on this beautiful background.

22. Love that is hotter than the sun

El scorchio!

23. Set in love

This is a far way to show someone that you dig it.

Get the message via

24. Let’s make this clear

Next, I love you, I love you, I love you…

25. It’s your song

Every couple has that special heart-fluttering song. Which one is yours?

26. Baby, it’s cold outside

But you know what they say, “Cold hands, warm heart.”

27. You are the wind under my wings

And your love lifts me higher and higher.

Not so lucky in love

28. Missing someone?

Leave an idea for those who don’t have a partner this Valentine’s Day.

29. So close, but so far

A love so close that you can reach and touch it.

30. Say It With Butterfly Kisses

Because sometimes a nice background full of color and beauty is all you need.

31. Storm Warning

Got your head in the clouds? Why not get carried away with this emotional background.

32. Hot’n’Cold Blowing

Because the road to true love can be noisy at times.

33. When you know, you know

There is someone special for everyone. If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, we hope you find your day soon. do not lose hope.

How to download wallpapers and backgrounds

On mobile: Simply press and hold your finger on a photo and from the popup, select to add it to your photos.

On the desktop: All you have to do is right-click on the image and save it to your desktop. Then set it as your wallpaper as you would any other wallpaper (or move it to another device first).

Still looking for more ideas? Check out this Valentine’s Day card tutorial to inspire adorable Valentine’s Day pictures. Or add your favorite free Valentine’s Day wallpapers to an Instagram Story (learn how). Whatever you choose to say, Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Picsart.

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