5 Festive Color Palettes to Use in Your Designs This Christmas

Start this holiday season with the most adorable color palettes yet!

As we find ourselves slowly moving toward Christmas, you may find yourself looking for some new boards to use this holiday season. Whether it’s for a fun design on your holiday greeting card, or even for branding on social media, Pixlr is here to help.

What exactly Christmas colors?

For hundreds of years, Christmas has been universally associated with the colors red and green. Green is believed to symbolize festivities just as it represents eternal life and nature.

As for the color red, it goes without saying that the shade is widely known to symbolize love, courage and passion. It is also the color of Santa Claus’s clothes, which is the symbol of this holiday. However, if you’re leaning toward the more modern Christmas, why not try incorporating other colors into your holiday color scheme?

On the other hand, mixing red with other warm shades would always do wonders. Also, combining pastel colors with other pastel shades will not disappoint you as they tend to blend well. You can even choose earth colors (like brown, beige, and pale green) to celebrate the festivities too!

1. Wish a joyful Christmas

The color palette was created with Pixlr E.

As you can see, the palette above includes cool blue tones paired with soft shades of pale pink. Although this unique combination may look different from a traditional Christmas palette, it will surely give your designs a fresh and contemporary look this holiday season.

This palette exudes elegance, and there really can be no mistake if your audience is looking for something new out of the box this Christmas.

2. Harmonious Christmas Eve

The color palette was created with Pixlr E.

This second palette is undoubtedly harmonious. Since the color scheme consists of different shades of green, rest assured that it will not only lend your designs a wonderful Christmas vibe but also convey harmony and calm.

It has been widely agreed that monochromatic palettes like these tend to be perceived as soothing. After all, isn’t Christmas really the celebration of harmony and joy with your loved ones? So. This painting above would be perfect to represent it.

3. snow holiday

The color palette was created with Pixlr E.

The following color scheme would be perfect if you’re aiming for a simple and crisp style this Christmas. Instead of the usual red and light green, you can consider using shades of gray paired with white or silver. These colors will eventually convey the perfect winter wonderland often associated with Christmas.

Although these colors are not usually used to depict the holiday season, there is no need to worry! This festive combination will surely make an amazing impression on your audience.

4. Luxurious party

The color palette was created with Pixlr E.

For a more glamorous look this holiday season, we recommend using deeper and darker shades of red and green along with bright green tones to complement the color scheme. This combination will portray a richer and more opulent look for your Christmas designs, while at the same time allowing your audience the memories as it contains the main colors of the holiday.

5. Amber-filled holiday

The color palette was created with Pixlr E.

Of course, another great thing about Christmas is to look to traditional dishes for inspiration. For example, a gingerbread man, mint chocolate, or even candy canes can be used as inspiration for your search for the perfect Christmas board.

In this latest color scheme, we bring you a cardamom-inspired palette, which will be sure to make your social media feed this season all the more fun and warm. These very familiar colors will not only instantly remind your audience of Christmas but also fill them with unbridled joy as they connect them to the essence of the festivities.

There you have it – all the amazing holiday inspiration you need this Christmas!

Use these specially curated shades for your designs for the much-anticipated holiday this year. With Pixlr’s excellent color options, styling has never been easier and faster. If you’re interested in more eye-catching color palette inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, we’ve got you covered! Simply click here to read comprehensively.

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