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There is real power in visualizing your dreams, goals, and aspirations – and practicing what you preach. Showing off your dreams is more than just sticking together vision board ideas and calling it the day. Real success comes from constant hard work and a change in mindset.

Learn the ins and outs of vision boards and get inspired to turn your dreams into reality with these five vision board ideas.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collection of images or quotes that fulfill an individual’s personal goals, dreams, and affirmations. The images are often sourced from magazines or Pinterest, but you can certainly create a digital vision board.

Creating a vision board helps you become more aware of yourself and bring your ideas into reality. In addition, the beauty of vision board designs is that they can take on different shapes and appearances – they ultimately meet the needs of You are.

Perhaps your goal is to start a side hustle or to become more confident in the new year; Find images that support what you want!

While vision boards are an effective step in achieving and visualizing short- or long-term goals, they require a change of mindset as well. According to Dr. Cheki Davis, the association of the vision board with the “Law of Attraction” is not scientifically Supportive, yet powerful tool in helping develop a growth mindset and achieve goals.

5 vision board ideas and inspiration

Are you ready to make your own vision board? Check out these five ideas first.

1. Pronunciation of quotations and affirmations into being

A big part of bringing something to life is talking about it into existence. Manifestations become effective when you create a positive growth mindset around your goals and affirmations.

Find quotes online or in print (such as magazines) that speak to you, cut out or cut them out, and paste them in an area you’ll see frequently – such as a phone wallpaper, computer desktop, or journal.

2. Visualize your goals and achievements

image via Emily Swafield.

Your goals—whether financial, work-based, or travel-based—must be prioritized when coordinating your vision board. Maybe you are ready to get that promotion, start your own business, or travel to your dream destination. Find some money-themed pictures or quotes, palm trees (or mountains, if that’s more than your cup of tea), and put them in order.

3. Organize annual plans and visions

There is nothing like sitting down with yourself at the start of the new year and doing the hard work of what you want the next year to achieve. Are there plans that you want to make and are looking forward to? Maybe you finally want to tackle that renovation and create the kitchen of your dreams, because what better time than now? Skip that stall hump and get your plans in order for this year.

4. Intentional Reflections

image via Alexandra Alvarez.

In addition to planning for the year ahead, there is tremendous value in thinking about your values ​​and cherishing what is important to you, and putting it all together. Plan to spend an afternoon or evening with you alone and curate an intentional sighting board.

5. A group of positivity

image via Suk Bun Studios on Pinterest.

Not all vision boards have to be personal goals, aspirations, and plans for the current or next year. Instead, get inspiring photos that bring you joy, whether online or in a glossy magazine. Dedicating a small space to positive images and quotes can do absolute wonders for your well-being and bring simple fun into your daily life.

How to make your own vision board

Before moving on to an image and knowing the sources of the quote, you will need to write down and align your values, motivations, and goals. Spend some time with pen and paper and take a deep dive into the brain.

Align your values ​​with your goals

Start by prioritizing what matters to you and aligning them with achievable annual goals. What do you really care about? What gives you satisfaction and meaning? Write down your values ​​and priorities and keep them front of your mind when assembling your vision board.

Find out what motivates you

Admittedly, achieving your goals is easier when you have something (or someone) that motivates you. Why are your goals so important to you? What is the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps telling you? Make sure these goals align with you and your values.

Plan your board with a template or paper

Once you’ve gathered your priorities, goals, and values, now is the time to get creative. If you’re making a vision board the traditional way, grab Pinterest or a stack of magazines and get down to business.

another option? Get started with one of our vision board templates. PicMonkey comes loaded with free stock photos from Shutterstock, so you can find what you need, plus pepper in graphics and text.

Save inspirational images and quotes to your Pinterest board or file folder. do this Your vision boards in PicMonkey.

Find images and quotes that really speak to you and bring you motivation and inspiration. Focus on the emotional response you get when you encounter the pictures. Press the Marie Kondo inside you and ask, does he evoke joy? Source images that get a positive response and start placing them on a vision board or document sheet.

Once you are satisfied with your set of photos, start placing them strategically on the canvas of your choice. Resize, crop and rotate your photos until you have a placement that speaks to you.

Put your board where you can see it

Once you have your vision board created, pat your back to get a good job and display your board in a highly visible area. Save it as a wallpaper for your laptop or phone, or put it on a wall or in a frame. Maintain your vision board Visible The key is to constantly visualize your goals and turn them into reality.

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