9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

Creative photography ideas you can do from home

Looking to get some creative photography ideas?

In this article, we share 9 easy ideas to get your creative juices flowing – and best of all, everyone can be from home. You do not need to take expensive trips or go out in very cold weather; Just set it up on your kitchen table, set up your camera, and have a lot of fun!

So if you are ready to take some pictures unbelievable Pictures, then let’s start with our first idea:

1. Photographing water drops

Waterdrop photography requires some specialized equipment – but the results are fantastic, and you can literally spend years capturing different types of spray, backgrounds, colors, and more.

Plus, once you understand the basic setup, it’s relatively easy to get images like these here:

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

To get started, you’ll need a camera with a macro lens (or great close-up capabilities). You will also need a tripod (to keep the camera in position), an off-camera flash (to light up the drops), a dropper, and a bowl of water.

The idea is to place the camera next to the bowl of water. Switch the lens to manual focus, then pre-focus on the middle of the bowl (where the water falls).

Raise the water dropper high, drop a few drops of it over the bowl, and when you are near the surface of the water, release the camera.

Note that photography is water droplets will It involves a lot of trial and error, especially if you are using the simple DIY setup I described above. To make your drop photos more consistent, you can buy specialized watercraft and equipment (although they can be pricey, so I only recommend going down such a route if you’re serious about this kind of photography!)

2. Shoot some food

Everyone loves to do food photography, especially when the food looks great. This one is huge (and potentially profitable if you can sell photos of your food as stock).

To start food photography from the comfort of your own home, follow these guidelines:

  • Lighting is key. Natural light works great like the sidelight of a window. If you use the flash outside the camera, the light should come from behind the food – but be sure to reflect the back light (eg, with a reflector) to avoid unwanted shadows in your photos.
  • Pay attention to the background. Regular static backgrounds, such as a pure white lightbox, can be effective. But you can also enjoy textured backgrounds, such as canvas or painted canvas. Don’t just pick the background randomly; Make sure it adds context to the food you want to photograph!
  • Design your food carefully. The best professional food photographers use food stylists, but the rest of us don’t have that luxury. Instead, you should carefully arrange your food into a beautiful composition (you can enjoy the experiment, but I often like to use repetitive items, as in the strawberry shot below).
9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

3. Painting Light Lensball

Lensballs offer an easy way to take great refraction shots – but if you want to take lens ball photography to the next level, why not try lens ball light painting, which can be done indoors with a few basic elements?

You will need a dark room, so either shoot at night or in a basement or bathroom without windows. You will also need a tripod to hold the camera, as well as a table and glass plate to hold the lens ball.

Place the pane of glass on the table, then carefully place the lens ball on the pane of glass. (I like to use a keyring under the ball to keep it from rolling, which I adjust later.)

Set up the camera to focus on the lens ball, turn off the lights, and ask for a shutter speed of five seconds or more.

Then, as soon as you press the shutter button, walk around the room with a flashlight. Have fun drawing different patterns in the air (as you can see in the image below, zigzags are always fun!). You don’t have to be too rigid; The clearer the pattern, the more interesting the result.

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

4. Freeze things in ice

If you’re stuck at home for a few days, why not try some frozen stuff photography? You will get unique images just like this:

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home
Take your food photography in a different direction with this technique.

To get started, fill the container with an inch of water, stick it in the freezer, and then wait a day.

Next, find some interesting things, such as food, flowers, or even toys. Place on ice lid, add more water (until covered), put bowl in freezer and wait another day or so.

At this point you can add more water and wait another day – it depends on the thickness of the ice and the shape you are looking for – or you can defrost the container and start shooting. I recommend lighting your subject from different directions (you can even experiment with backlighting for a cool ethereal effect).

5. Photographing glasses on a white background

Wine glasses look amazing When photographed right. Here’s a quick setup that will give you screenshots like this:

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

First get some wine glasses, then place them on a reflective surface (plexiglass is best, but you can try a mirror or even a piece of glass).

Fill the cups with a liquid of your choice. Water as well as food coloring works great; Alternatively, you can use wine or juice.

Place the camera in front of the glasses and place a piece of white paper or white paper behind the scene. Point an off-camera flash at the white background, then shoot!

Setting the perfect exposure may require a little trial and error, but if you can blast the background while keeping the wine glasses well exposed, the results will come out. amazing.

6. Filming oil and water bubbles

Oil and water, when mixed, create the greatest yield beautiful bubbles:

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

But how do you capture such a beautiful effect? Fortunately, it’s very easy, as long as you have a macro lens and a tripod.

Combine oil and water in a transparent bowl (a glass baking tray works well). Elevate the container using cups or wooden blocks. Then place an interesting background under the setting, such as colored paper or even a print.

Fix the camera on top of the mixture and then take pictures! To create new bubble formations, stir the mixture with a spoon every now and then (and if you’re not using an off-camera flash, you’ll need to wait for the bubbles to stop moving for a sharp shot).

7. Capture the water droplets on the glass

Here’s another fun creative project you can try: shooting water droplets on glass.

Like the oil and water idea discussed above, you’ll need to raise a pane of glass, and then place an interesting background under it. To create water droplets, cover the glass with a waterproof windshield material, then use a water dropper to create a nice droplet pattern.

(Alternatively, you can try mixing water and glycerin, then dropping them onto the glass through the dropper.)

Put the camera on top of the glass and get close and take a lot of beautiful pictures! Every now and then, switch up the wallpaper; This way, you get a variety of amazing shots.

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home
Use an interesting background to get great results!

8. Create bokeh shapes

Bokeh refers to the faint, out-of-focus areas in an image. But did you know that you can actually? shape change From bokeh background…

… simply by adding an aperture in front of the lens?

It may sound strange, but it works. We go into more detail in this article on making custom bokeh shapes, but the basic idea is to take some black construction paper, cut out an interesting shape in the center (like a star or a zigzag), and then “mount” it on the front of the lens.

When you take pictures, the background bokeh will reflect the cut shape, and you’ll end up with an amazing shot!

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

9. Photographing optical snails

Spiral lightning photography is unique and interesting, as well as amazing effects:

9 Creative Photography Ideas You Can Do From Home

You will need a completely darkened room, a tripod (to keep the camera steady when shooting), as well as a light source attached to some leads. (If you don’t have a tripod, you can always put the camera on the floor, facing up.)

Then set the shutter speed to 30 seconds or so, start rotating the light source, and take some pictures. To see the setup in action, watch this excellent video.

Creative Photography Ideas at Home: Final Words

We hope you’re now ready to use one (or all!) of these creative photography ideas.

So take your camera and get started. For best results, you should try constantly. who knows; Maybe you will develop your own cool new style!

Now to you:

Which of the following creative techniques do you plan to try? Do you have any creative ideas of your own? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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