A Dad’s Guide to Photographing Your Own Kids

Everyone knows that photographing small children is extremely challenging. But you haven’t lived until you’ve attempted to photograph your kids. And let’s face it, photographers use their kids like test dummies, so you might as well get some decent photos while trying out that new Joe McNally Ezybox (it’s awesome, by the way). Heck, I … Read more

Diagonal Lines in Photography: The Ultimate Guide

What are diagonals in photography? And how can you use them to create stunning compositions? In this article, I share everything you need to know about composing with diagonal lines, including: What diagonals in photography actually are How to find diagonals when out shooting Easy tips to improve your diagonal pictures Are you ready to … Read more

Why Digital Cameras Will All Die but Film Cameras Live On

Digital cameras are great — the technology they are built upon is remarkable, underpinned by remarkably sophisticated designs. Not only that, but the pictures they acquire are of such astonishing quality that they make anything that went before pale in comparison. So why then do digital cameras have such (relatively) short lifespans compared to film … Read more

We Review the Laowa 20mm F/4.0 Zero-D Shift Lens

Shift lenses provide crucial solutions to problems faced by architectural and real estate photographers, and until recently, options have been extremely limited. Let’s take a look at this new shift lens option from Laowa. This new Laowa 20mm f/4 shift lens is the second shift lens from the brand. Laowa is well known for many … Read more

Think Like an Artist and Improve Your Photography

Have you ever struggled with getting creative in your photography, but whatever you have tried, it didn’t solve the problem? Artists think in a very special way. Knowing how can massively change your photography. In my latest YouTube video about how to get more creative with changing your way of thinking, I show our usual … Read more