The Unsung Heroes of Portrait Lenses

There are many staple lenses in portrait photography that are recommended for beginners and professionals alike. However, there is something of an unsung hero lurking in a different genre entirely that could complement your gear arsenal perfectly. I have mentioned how I got into photography on several occasions, but really, there were two different areas … Read more

Synecdoche: The Essence of Photography

I was struggling through Caesar in 10th grade Latin class when I first heard the term “synecdoche” (although the term is from the Greek) — it’s a figure of speech where a part of something is used to represent the whole. Today, familiar synecdoche include “threads” to mean clothing, as in “dig these new threads … Read more

21 Posing Ideas for Beautiful Couples Photography

Looking for some couple poses to spice up your next photoshoot? I’ve got you covered. Because in this article, I share 21 of my favorite couple posing ideas – perfect for engagement sessions, wedding sessions, maternity sessions, and more. I also include example illustrations so you know exactly what each pose should look like in … Read more

Speedrun Through Your Portrait Photography Editing With AI Software Retouch4me

Portrait photography is one of the biggest genres in the industry. It’s also one of the most competitive types of photography. If you plan on staying ahead of the competition, then having a great workflow will drastically improve your performance. Portrait photography benefits greatly from good editing skills. Unfortunately, editing large quantities of images can … Read more