This Groundbreaking Drone ‘Operates Seamlessly’ in Air, Land, and Sea

Japanese telecoms company KDDI, commercial drone manufacturer PRODRONE and underwater robotics company QYSEA Technology have combined to create what they claim is the first “revolutionary” sea-to-air drone. The drone features a combination of a heavy-duty drone and an industrial-grade remote-operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and is the result of six years of development. KDDI and QYSEA … Read more

Iconic American Photographer and Journalist Steve Schapiro Dies at 87

Widely known for his work in photojournalism of 20th century America and his famous portraits of celebrities, Steve Shapiro has died of pancreatic cancer. He was 87 years old. Shapiro is survived by Maura Smith, his 39-year-old wife, sons Theophilus Donoghue and Adam Shapiro, and daughters Ellie Harvey and Taylor Shapiro. Early career influences Shapiro, … Read more

Photographer Finds Otherworldly Sand Sculptures Created by Wind

Photographer Joshua Nowicki encountered a unique natural phenomenon that formed along the coast of Lake Michigan – temporary sand formations resembling rock structures also known as hoodoos. Nowicki’s background lies in anthropology first and photography second. Having worked in several different museums, he was once commissioned to update the website and graphic design of one … Read more

How Many Megapixels Do You Actually Need?

Camera resolution in the early 2000s was a space race for better and bigger. Nikon heralded the beginning of the end—with the release of the era-defining 36-megapixel D800—to what had become the resolution stasis. Nikon’s Z9 is barely upped at 46MP, however, Leica’s version of the 60MP M11 and Fuji going ahead with the 102MP … Read more