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Every high school student on the planet has been wondering about the importance of engineering in the real world since its inception. Well this is it guys. Welcome to Geometric Design, where sporty shapes produce art for practical use.

Still – using digital geometries for graphic design projects will not require you to calculate the surface area of ​​a rhombus. So, while we won’t include terms in this piece like Diameter, radius, or formula (You’re welcome) We will Make sure you pass Engineering design course the way that suits your needs.

Let’s go to it.

The importance of engineering design

image credit: creative market

In retail, there is a misconception that clothing can be fashionable or practical. Similar to geometry, people mistake mathematics for either science or creative. Welcome to engineering design, the perfect combination of left and right brain.

Historically, geometric designs have been symbolic and a means of communication between Mesoamerican, Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Iranian, and other distinct cultures.

Common geometric patterns included the eight-pointed rose, six-pointed stars, and even 16-point patterns. These designs can still be found in historic mosques today.

Nowadays, people may recognize or use these patterns as sacred mandalas, which are familiar to Chinese, Tibetan, and Japanese cultures and Buddhist religion.

While it may seem strange to go from sacred and historical uses to modern marketing purposes, the former tells the latter in an important way. Since effective marketing stems from a balance of core content, color and design, it only makes sense to make engineering your message pop.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to 22 examples of engineering design to elevate your graphics game in 2022.

22 examples of engineering design

1. Make the curriculum cool again

For teachers, professors, or entrepreneurs who have a course to offer, why not sell your students attractive graphics? While it makes sense to associate geometric designs with art-related categories, it’s not limited to that.

Teach a topic that needs more engagement? Spruce things up with visuals for both optional and required courses.

2. Integrative graphs

What better place for geometric designs than infographics? Whether you’re listing stats, presenting company debts, or viewing a timeline, Engineering Designs is the perfect way to do it. Consistent shapes can act as bullet points for lists, or create a sense of movement or three-dimensionality on a page.

3. Natural Au

Certified image: casual optimist

Do you remember optical illusions, or stared at a kaleidoscope as a child? This geometric design brings together that effect in this collage format.

Deconstructing nature pictures in solid colors helps the reader to digest the whole picture. Since this design example does not include words, it is open to interpretation – much like art.

4. Foodie fun

Certified image: Toshimi Sakuma

Geometric designs are great for restaurants, as these diamond shapes naturally evoke a sharp and polished image. Enjoy your first five dishes with pops of color and professional, high-resolution images.

5. Global attractions

If you’re into the travel industry or research travel writing, using geometric patterns is a powerful way to visually capture famous sights. You can highlight anything from nature, tourist hotspots, activities, or must-see attractions.

Note that each block can vary in shape. Some are diamond and some are rectangular. While they stand alone, together they make up a bigger picture.

6. Selling, Selling, Selling

Certified image:

Real estate and architecture go hand in hand, so of course, engineering has a place on this table. Selling homes means selling structures, so why not use brick-like layered boxes to market how homes are built?

7. Long live the artist

Photo galleries, museums, art galleries, and luxury event centers are sure to feature architectural designs. If you need to highlight a variety of products, places, photos or pieces of art, this format is for you.

Layering shapes as shown above creates an impressive blending effect, similar to a piece of art. This method arouses curiosity, mystery and intrigue to potential attendees.

The geometric design not only promises captivating marketing imagery, but also conveys what guests can expect at the actual event.

8. A fancy night out

Certified image: Oswaldo Rosales

Opera, theater, and film performances are also creative outlets that go along with architecture. While it is true that geometric design can enrich any flyer, no one will question its use in such a way.

Pro tip: When marketing your event, see how you can match an element of images with supporting shapes and colors. While these shades of green and pink can be considered contrasting colors, complements the costumes. Symbolically, the circular shapes also reflect the design of the lollipop. The finer details keep potential guests engaged for longer. And the longer they are involved, the more likely they are to attend!

9. Invisible scenes

Certified image: BlogDuWebDesign

Consider this picture without the geometry for a moment. It will still be amazing, but it will also give a different experience. Ask yourself, What does engineering offer that wouldn’t be there otherwise? The answer to this question can guide your intuitive stylistic choices.

Also, dividing up images in this way leaves room for other details. In addition, the linear and smooth sides of these triangles create a polished and smooth energy.

10. Nightclub Tricks

Certified image: creative market

Announcing a local event, concert or club opening? Notice how these floral graphics inside the triangle create multiple dimensions. For long-lasting impressions, unleash your audience with shades of color that make it an unmissable event!

11. The more abstract the better

Work in the field of art? Then this is your element! Build your own business cards, email signature, stationery, business proposals, and official documents using funky geometric designs. Feel free to switch colors all the time, but keep your overall concept consistent. And don’t hold back, because other professions he wishes They can be artistic in their marketing the way you can!

12. Art for the sake of art

Certified image: Tristan Powersocks McQueen

Whether you’re selling art or making it for fun, pair the geometric design with an inspiring message! This format makes it easy to play a group sport on your website or social media sites to gain fame.

While black and yellow are a simple color combination, they balance the complexity of the design well. Manage each variable (shape, color, text, etc.) with the intent of not confusing or confusing the viewer.

13. Pro wallet

Certified image: Bruna Mancuso

Whether you’re a photographer, event marketer, model or graphic designer, put together a unique collection of your engineering designs.

Obviously, the creator of this piece chose orange for a reason, backed by geometric shapes to accentuate the eyes and the center of the third eye. Audiences of this piece can interpret the importance of ovals, infinity symbols, hearts, and diamonds for greater understanding.

14. Simple Moments

Having just one geometric shape (rather than multiple) communicates a message, as does the classic black and white color combination. The chosen geometric design creates a distinctive texture of the beehive, arousing the curiosity and intrigue of its viewers.

15. color splash

Conversely, why use black and white when you can use every color of the rainbow in one place? Additionally, this clever graphic design uses shapes to multiply as objects. Here, triangles complement the mountainous terrain. The splash paint effect also gives galactic astro feedback. Register with us!

16. College culture

Nothing redirects students on their way to class like vibrant engineering advertisements. Remember college bulletin boards? Post your local events there. Attract an audience with irregular shape directions and solid color squares for the dit.

17. Moody incubator

Certified image: Severino Caneba

Whether you’re making the cover of the next album, designing a book, or presenting a charitable project, this chopping effect is sure to draw a crowd. While the color palette may be subtle, its layout isn’t – that’s why it works! Ask yourself which design element you want to highlight and go from there.

18. Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry not only supports the interconnectedness of all things, but it is a mathematical and spiritual foundation for meditation sessions, murals, architecture and more! People who study and practice sacred geometry understand the common phrase As above until below – and thus – as on the outside, so on the inside. Who knew that geometric designs reflect our inner nature?

19. Oh-No-No Fashionista

Since geometric designs can overwhelm an entire piece, it’s smart to allocate a specific section to it. Consider going in half: geometric shapes on top and deets on the bottom, like this. Next, pair the art with big, bold text to make your presentation stand out to the world.

20. Sweet Shapes Stationery

Certified image: 100 layers of cake

In addition to the use of geometric shapes in a Your stationery, why not make its actual shape geometric? Since invitations for specific events like weddings, birthdays, and holiday gatherings can have multiple entries, bring out that hexagram or octagon you never thought you needed for some top-notch RSVPs.

21. You are invited!

Why does a square heart on its side give a new and sophisticated feel? If you’re celebrating with a new diamond on your finger, why not use diamond shapes symbolically in your invitations? Live your best life with poppin colors and exotic tropical theme.

they make This design Your PicMonkey.

Here’s the tea. You don’t have to wait to use a geometric design on a flyer or poster when you can use it for your logo! Wear your funniest and most signature shapes and shamelessly stick them to your everyday branding materials.

At the end of the day, the art of geometric design is popular and globally recognized. Since it combines basic shapes, free-form lines, and curves to make simple, sophisticated designs, there’s no one who can’t take advantage of these tools. Plus, using geometry in this way may orchestrate some academic trauma forever!

So? Go ahead and master the endless ways to geometry in PicMonkey. Soon, you’ll have created your first (or better) geometry yet!

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