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Even though we live in a culture of speed-reading, we promise you this one is worth reading. Skimming articles are a byproduct of a fast-paced, highly motivated, technology-driven culture. everything happens Fast. It’s easy to think that infographics might enable this culture because the visuals encourage this very familiar thing about mindless scrolling that we do. The truth is that graphs can. slow things down and help people process information correctly. Check out these top 10 infographic examples and get inspired to design your next infographic.

Pro type: It is better to digest the contents of this article if it is really read.

Trendy infographics examples for any occasion

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Yes, infographics are a fashionable way to convey a message, but they are also an important business strategy. Not only are 65% of humans visually literate, but we retain 80% of what we see. We can thank the subconscious — the interactive, invisible, 90-98% of our minds — for that.

Have you ever wondered why the horror movie elements you saw in your dreams are gone? Everything we see is stored in the brain in some way, shape, or form. Note: We’ll be talking about the importance of a healthy diet for the media at a different time, but just know that the visuals matter. Much. Read on for the latest infographic examples to inspire your next visual post.

1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Business)

Charts use symbols to educate. Cue Elementary School. Remember first learning words by pictures? Symbols help the brain retain information. An effective infographic that carries its icons wisely, like the one below.

This chart takes the symbols a step further. Designed with conceptual Symbolism – not just graphic symbolism – by reversing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Now, those who know Maslow and basic psychology have established a subliminal connection, resulting in an intrinsic value. Smart Marketing.

2. Top Travel Tips

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Take your readers on a virtual journey with this informative approach. Yes, color schemes are Marketing 101, but they’re also backed by neuroscience. We humans experience life through our senses. Every time we see colors, they evoke stored memories. So? Do you want to go to the beach? same. Use sand color schemes and graphics filled with flamingos so everyone can gather together.

3. How to make a decision

Charts can only make analysis of the decision-making process visually appealing. This infographic proves that having numbers, letters, and colors balanced is a big punch. Remember that colors evoke emotions, so consider how you want your audience to feel before spraying contrasting colors around.

4. Make wine on time

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Timeline graphs are effective for many reasons. While they usually include more words than pictures, the spacing makes them easy to digest—especially with a compelling theme. Timeline examples are effective for business presentations, classrooms, or even for putting up important posters at work.

5. Sell what you sell online

What makes the infographic accessible? The space, character and content is easy to digest. The truth is that our attention span as a species is declining rapidly. We subconsciously decide in a split second whether or not we can focus on something — all before we even set our eyes on the content. So, choose an accessible model. Keep in mind, what communicates your point of view in a friendly and welcoming way?

6. Useful habits

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Infographics combine the written word and images with snazz and pizazz. Take advantage of PicMonkey 6000 (!!!) Graphics by creating a file Graphics Tab in the left menu. Don’t hold back on whimsical, seasonal, or festive graphics to enhance your masterpiece. Remember that style inspires you. The right infographic can make the alphabet look interesting.

7. Visual puzzles can grow your business

nothing says Slower Like a puzzle, a map, or a visual game. The color coding of each section with distinct shapes and sizes guides the reader accordingly. Welcome to Chutes and Ladders 2.0 – SEO Approach!

8. Self-care or depression

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Believe it or not (believe it), infographics are a great way to remember the basics. If we know that animated little cakes have had a huge impact, we’ll start making infographics contracts Ago.

Pro tip: Make a digital cupcake, then get a real one. Charts are best created in healthy environments, preferably those with candy rewards and self-pats on the back.

9. Tell a story

It is true that knowledge is power, but what makes knowledge Stick a story. Use stats, graphics, and content to compel and push your reader.

There are many ways to tell a story and it isn’t Owns To be expressed through words. Ask yourself: What story does my infographic tell? How do I hook it up all the time? You may find leads through coordinating color palettes, emotional content, or icons.

10. Compare and view themes

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Infographics are a great place to compare topics. Unlike formal English articles, infographics are a short and sweet space to highlight the most important points. Like Formal essay, however, you want your infographic to be cohesive, smooth and have a strong message. These infographic examples dominate words more than others, so be sure to define your intent before you begin.

Making Graphs in PicMonkey

When you’re ready to create your own infographic, doing so in PicMonkey is the quickest way to glory. Simply:

  1. Start with an infographic template or DIY with a blank canvas.

  2. Use the tools on the left to customize your design with graphics, icons, colors, and text.

  3. Download as JPG, PNG or PDF (a feature of PicMonkey Pro).

Woo! Now that you’ve mastered the infinite functions of graphs, you can start pumping out some of your own. Let these graphic examples inspire your most dreamy designs. As long as you remember that info + graphic = infographic (and we’re pretty sure you will), you can create content that works for you. Now go make us proud.

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