Instagram Bio Ideas: The Perfect Formula, Hacks, and 18 Ideas on How to Get Started

Good bios for Instagram quickly and creatively give your target audience a comprehensive first impression. Whether personal or professional in nature, your account deserves to be summarized with a solid description so that followers can understand the work you do or the interests you’re most passionate about. A good Instagram bio level sets viewers on what they can expect to see from your account.

Because of the limited character count, making the best Instagram bio might feel a little daunting. But, we’re here to walk you through how to make a good Instagram bio. Get out a pen and paper and start taking notes on how to perfect your bio.

What is an Instagram Bio?

Your Instagram bio is like a business card for your profile. When you know what to put in an Instagram bio, you start using this space as a way to show off your key skills, aspects of your unique personality, and in the case of professional accounts, even your contact information.

The Instagram bio character limit is 150 characters, so you’ll need to be brief. Below, we’ll get into some Instagram bio ideas and tips on how to stick to just the essentials. Pro tip: it helps to start off by narrowing your ideas down to the words that express your personality or brand best.

instagram account shown on a phone

Why Does Your Instagram Bio Matter?

Even people who do not yet follow you on Instagram can see your bio, and depending on how you use it, this space could help propel your account success. At a very minimum, the bio will give people an idea of ​​what you’re all about.

If you are using social media to grow a personal or professional brand, then this short bio at the top of your business profile can help viewers get a quick idea of ​​your offering. This can be especially important if you want strangers to follow you organically because they like your content or mission.

If your Instagram profile is more private in nature, this space is the first of many on your account where you can highlight your personal style, accomplishments, values, and interests.

The Perfect Formula: How to Write an Instagram Bio

Who You Are

Before you start excitedly listing interests and accomplishments in your bio, give your viewers a quick crash course on who you are. For many of us, this will include some kind of job description or personal information. For example, you can tell the world if you’re an architect, a coffee lover, or a proud mom of three. If you want the virtual universe to know you’ve recently become a pet parent, start there.

What You Like

Now, it’s time to gush. Describe a few things that are close to your heart. This may be a hobby, like cooking or travel, or a project or organization you’re particularly invested in. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some Instagram bio examples of the accounts you follow.

How to Find You

When considering what to put in an Instagram bio, adding a website link is a great way to use the limited space to guide your viewers to discover more of your content.

If you have a business account and want users to be able to contact you outside of your DMs (direct messages), then be sure to include a website URL. Many personal accounts choose to feature the website of an organization they support, a fundraising link, or their portfolio. Remember that your Instagram bio is public, even if your account is private, so don’t share any personal contact information here.

How to Engage

Many Insta bios, especially those of companies and influencers, include a call to action. If you have a project that you want to share or a product you wish to promote, show viewers how to find it. They’ll often use a link in bio tool and reference it in their post copy, directing people to their Instagram bio to find the link and click through for more information.

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Creative Instagram Bio Hacks

Include Your Website

Since your website houses a lot of information, you can save space by directing people here. And, if you sell a product online, then routing people to your e-commerce site is essential to making sales.

Use emojis

An image says a thousand words, so let emojis speak for you. You don’t have a lot of space, so you can use emojis to save on characters. If you’re an avid reader or share book reviews often in your Instagram Storiesfor example, use the book emoji.

Watch the Characters

Get creative about how you use up those precious 150 characters. Don’t repeat information (like your brand name) in the description that can be found elsewhere on your account heading. It’s ok to spend time doing some soul searching on what you’d like to include. Try making a long list of words that describe you or your work and then narrowing it down to just the essentials. Another pro tip is to feature only your most relevant and recent work or accomplishments.

18 Instagram Bio Ideas to Inspire You

Now that you know how to make a good Instagram bio, it’s time to start brainstorming for your own. Consider this list of our favorite Instagram bio ideas to jump start your brainstorm.

If You’re Into Travel

1) Emoji flags of countries you’ve visited or want to visit

instagram bio idea showing country flag emojis2) Emojis of your favorite modes of transportation

ig bio show favorite ways to travel

3) The URL of your favorite humanitarian organizations

4) The URL of your travel photography website

how to promote a travel blog on insta

5) Pin drop emoji paired with the city that you’re currently in

6) A quote about wanderlust

instagram bio showing a quote

If You’re a Using Instagram for Business

7) Your professional or e-commerce website URL

how to promote your small business on your instagram bio

8) A list of your accomplishments like degrees or titles of books you’ve written

insta description showing your degree

9) A brief description of the work you do and your expertise

idea for what to put in an instagram bio

10) A call to action (CTA) to DM you for partnerships

11) A URL to your professional portfolio showcasing content you’ve produced

how to use instagram bio to promote your portfolio

If You Like Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies

12) Emojis that show what kind of arts, crafts, or hobbies you’re into

instagram bio idea showing hobbies and emojis together

13) The URL to your Etsy, Depop, Twitch, or e-commerce site

how to promote your social presence on ig

14) A CTA to follow you on other social channels

how to promote your twitch channel on instagram

15) A list of your interests

how to show your interests in an social profile

16) A call to action to check out your Instagram feed below

insta biio idea to promote your insta account

17) A list of your biggest accomplishments as an artist

example of a good bio for insta

18) Information promoting an upcoming event (ie gallery showing, cooking class, etc)

how to use your instagram bio to promote an event

Once you have your favorite Instagram bio ideas, test out how they look on your account alongside your avatar and name. You can always change them.

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