Instagram Stories: How Your Business Can Make the Most of Them

Think of your favorite brands. You likely follow at least one, if not several, on Instagram and appreciate learning when you launch a new product or make a sale. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you should offer the same experience to your loyal audience. You don’t have to be a big brand — in fact, Instagram Stories are great for small businesses.

unlike Constant posts on your Instagram feedStories provide an ideal space for timely information. While it may take a viewer a few days to find a post on their feed, Instagram Stories are displayed right at the top of the screen. If you’re anything like us, you probably scroll through stories when you have a little downtime or are looking for a distraction. Your audience is no different, so start taking advantage of this marketing resource with Instagram Stories for Business.

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What is an Instagram story?

An Instagram Story is an ephemeral post (or series of posts) available to view for 24 hours upon posting. These “posts” are often referred to as frames, and you can have up to 100 of them in your default slideshow. However, less is often more, as viewers tend to drop off after many frames.

Each frame lasts up to 15 seconds on the screen and can contain a header image or a video clip.

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What is the best Instagram story format and resolution?

You may be able to get substandard quality when you post silly videos of your cat on your personal account. But when it comes to how to create good Instagram Stories for business, quality is everything. You can achieve high quality when you respect the correct format and resolution parameters.

The correct size for Instagram Story is 1080 x 1920 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. If measuring this stresses you out, fear not. Picsart has preset size Instagram Story Templates And canvases that you can use to avoid this hassle.

Why use Instagram Stories for business?

Perhaps a better question would be “Why not use Instagram Stories for your business?” In the digital age, there are only so many ways to reach a broad audience at scale. And Instagram is one of them.

Other companies use stories to promote new product releases, flash sales, increase brand awareness, and stay in touch with their customers. In order to compete, you should use Instagram Stories for your small business as well.

Instagram stories can also be more effective than static posts due to their ephemeral nature. Viewers know that this content is here today, gone tomorrow, so they should probably take a look now. Plus, Instagram Stories help you stay in touch with your audience if you regularly appear at the top of their feed.

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5 Benefits of Instagram Stories for Business

Think of Instagram Stories as an integral part of your marketing strategy. These 24-hour posts can:

  • Increase engagement and brand awareness.
  • Create a sense of urgency around the content.
  • Improve your branding concept by helping your business appear friendly and authentic. You can even respond to story responses, giving your company a more authentic feel.
  • Provide an ideal space for temporary content. Product launches, sales, seasonal/holiday messages, etc. are ideal for stories.
  • Helps you measure how well you connect with your audience by tracking story performance metrics.

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Tips for boosting interactions with Instagram Stories for Business

Create content that generates sales:

Use clickable link stickers to link directly to items on your e-commerce site.

Instagram stories that generate leads:

Attract people interested in your products or services by providing information on new offers and reviewing their key features.

Expand your reach with original stickers:

Use original Instagram stickers in your frames so that they are drawn into larger conversations about it. This will help expose your brand to new people. Also consider tagging locations when possible, as location stickers help Instagram users find your content. Finally, if you need a boost, consider partnering with an influencer or giving away a free gift.

Post your own story filters:

Try to create a branded filter that others can use in their photos. This filter will return directly and organically to your brand. If you need some inspiration, check out how some of the world’s biggest fashion brands, influencers, and brands like Picsart create filters that capture their aesthetic.

How highlighting Instagram stories can help your business

Instagram stories don’t last forever, but Technically They can. You can save previously posted stories to a featured reel in your account. This is a way to perpetuate this ephemeral content so that viewers can easily visit it over and over again.

When you’re making these permanent bobbins, remember to stay on topic. Once you have several slides on the same theme, you can bring them together into a cohesive group.

It’s easy to create your own Instagram Stories Highlight icons in Picsart. Consider creating custom colors that align with your brand’s colors and promise.

Instagram Stories Tips for Business and What to Avoid

  • keep the brand: Create eye-catching, professional content that represents your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Make things fun: We’ll bring it straight to you. Don’t post boring content. Think carefully about what your viewers want to see before you post, and make sure your slides are valuable to them.
  • On that note, since Stories disappear after 24 hours, you can use them to provide snapshots at upcoming product launches or collaborations, and share great behind-the-scenes snapshots.
  • Remember that stories don’t have to be polished. Due to their ephemeral nature, stories are intended to be a bit off the cuff from the usual feed content. However, keep the brand. You don’t want to seem too casual to potential clients.

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For more Instagram Stories tips, check out these Helpful tips for tricks and content.

Brands that use Instagram Stories well

Think back to the brands you follow on social media. Who makes you come back for more? It’s possible that some of your favorite small businesses are using Instagram Stories to promote their services. Check out your favorite accounts and brands below for inspiration, and use them as a guide for how to use Instagram Stories for business.

  1. New York times
  2. everlin
  3. National Geographic
  4. Picsart

Pro tip: If you’ve never created a story on Instagram, check it out This tutorial To start.

How to Create Instagram Stories for Business with Picsart

Ready to start creating Instagram Stories to promote your small business? Here’s how to create it in Picsart’s Web Tools:

Step 1) Open the web editor and click to start a new project. Click Planning In the left editor toolbar and select Instagram Story to get a preset canvas size.

How to find preset instagram story template size in picsart on the web

Pro tip: There are plenty of great Instagram Stories templates to use if you don’t want to design from scratch. Simply click Templates In the editor Toolbar and find the right option for your brand.

Step 2) Select Pictures and upload your product image. You can easily change the background to make it more attractive.

Step 3) Press attachments In the editor Find the right stickers for your story.

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Step 4) Now it’s time to add text. You can do this natively on Instagram before posting your story; However, we would like to edit it within the story itself for a more cohesive design. This also allows you to use other fonts that you won’t normally see on Instagram, making your story more likely to stand out.

Click text, Select the title size (you can always adjust the font size later), and write your own text. Then adjust the color, spacing, text styles, and more.

How to add text to instagram story design in picsart

Step 5) Use some other design elements like attachments And shapes To make your story really special. Click Shapes and select a shape. You can adjust color, blending, cloning, and more using the tools in the top toolbar.

Add stickers to instagram story business promotion in picsart

Step 6) Once you have the final design, click Export to download your Instagram Story to work.

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Do you feel more advanced? Try these 6 ways to beat your next Instagram story for your business.

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