Post-Pandemic Style Trends: The Best Of 2022

To maintain positive momentum, we asked our Global Brand Head, Shachar Ayalon, to share his thoughts on the post-pandemic style trends dominating 2022. We hope it inspires you to feed your inner creator. If you’re getting into creative trends, check out our new e-book: Top 10 Creative and Design Trends for 2022.

forward and upward.

Nostalgic rules with retro interfaces

Aesthetic nostalgia photo made with photo editing app

Whether it’s because we’ve all been longing for simpler times (for good reasons) or just because we’re digging the looks, retro-inspired visuals that mimic the early days of technology have continued to rise in popularity this year. And we’ll see more digital designs inspired by first-generation Microsoft icons, Apple computers and old-school video games, along with more photos and videos that look like they were taken on disposable cameras, Polaroids and VHS camcorders in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The retro aesthetic is one of the hottest photo editing trends right now and shows no sign of fading out.

neon glow

Neon is another trend that started again last year, and in 2021 there was an even bigger revival of LED lights. Shading-inspired colors and fluorescent accents predominate and instantly enhance the mood. Choose neon stickers from Picsart’s editing tools for an easy way to add a touch of electricity to your content.

Humor is the new coping mechanism

Over the past year or so, people have spent more time online than ever before working, playing, and communicating with others. The one thing that brought us together and calmed our troubles: funny memes. Memes have helped us see humor in horror and deal with the existential crises that plague us all. Memes will continue to grow as a combined form of art, comedy, and language.

Travel (default) to infinity and beyond

Cosmic Adjustments are back, and for good reason — What better way to take a break from reality than to take a quick trip into outer space? This year, there are no limits. While we wait for space tourism to become a real thing (for those of us who aren’t billionaires…), we’ll see edited images of celestial galaxies, surreal views of the moon, and astrological signs.

Natural Beauty

Post-pandemic style natural beauty trends

While sheltering in place, many of us have turned to the outdoors for entertainment, socializing, and stress relief. When we step out of the house, ground garden parties are the new social aesthetic. Instead of elaborate sets and props, photographs are abstracted and occur in nature. We’ve transformed our mood boards to focus on organic elements like golden hour light, modern nature-inspired color palettes, and botanical patterns for beauty, inspiration and luxury.

Pro tip: If you’ve never created a mood board before, there’s never been a time like the present. Learn how to create your own mood board in this tutorial blog post.

Cause-Based Spinners

Social justice collage made with photo editing app

In the past year, creative platforms have been used to educate others like never before. And social justice on social media is here to stay. We will continue to see colorful circular posts about important issues facing our world all over our social media feeds, and we will be more informed because of that.

digital interior designer

Post-pandemic style trends digital interior designer

As our physical spaces become finite, the personalization of our virtual spaces has emerged as a new form of personal expression. Post-pandemic style trends have seen more personalized digital decor such as wallpapers, app icons, and video chat wallpapers, reflecting our personal style. Editing styles change depending on mood, seasons, and holidays, too. Fortunately, creating a wallpaper for your phone has never been easier.

No editing editing

Post-pandemic style trends without editorial editing

Undiscoverable editing and visual believability were the hottest trends in 2021. The edits are minimal, and they focus on subtle improvements. The general atmosphere is low maintenance. Returning to the office and our normal lives after spending a long time without makeup and wearing yoga pants, we are looking for a balance between the two with minimalist style and design and a true representation of our homes, our everyday lives, and our authentic selves.

Bold lettering hack

Post-pandemic style trends bold lettering

As mentioned, we’ve spent more time online than ever before, which means it can be more difficult than ever to break through the noise and listen. That’s why the chunky, character-filled and super loud streaks are so huge this year (literally). Be bold, and let your streak scream and shout.

Back to black (and white)

Post-pandemic style trends are back in black (and white)

Although it never really went out of fashion, the classic black and white is back with a bang in post-pandemic style trends. Black and white photos have an unparalleled ability to convey serious subjects in an impressive way. It’s cinematic, dramatic, and says a lot to very little.

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