Whether you run a small or medium enterprise, you’ve labored challenging to build your commercial enterprise and reputation, and we’re here to assist you keep it throughretaining matters going for walks easily – giving you the self belief to thrive.
With our enterprise insurance, you can guard yourself, your employees, and your commercial enterprise assets. Our policyconsists of coveracceptable to a variety of commercial enterprise – from food and drink, to retail and hospitality. It’s alsoflexible so you can selectnon-compulsorycowl to meet your businessneeds now and in the future.

Key matters to be aware of about our cover
Property – Your contents and stock are covered as standard, and includescover for your customer’s items if you’re accountable for them. There’s also the option to add cowl for your structures if you want it
Money – loss or theft of money up to £5,000 on your premises at some point ofenterprise hours. This includescash in transit to the bank or at the same time as in a secure on your premises overnight
Liability – You or your personnel may additionally be held responsible for unintentionaldamage to customers or the public, or for injury to their property. Our everyday cowl is £2.5 million but you can selectgreater limits. Also as an employer, you have a legalduty to purchase employers’ liability insurance. We grant £10 million as preferredhowever greater limits are available.

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