Trendy Fonts: 10 Amazing Fonts For 2022 and How To Work With Them

There are two ways to make sure your copy gets noticed. The first method relies heavily on graphic design. By making use of the cool design elements surrounding your text, you can better capture your readers’ attention. But what if you don’t have room for graphics? And here comes the role of the second method, or printing. One app that catches the eye this year modern lines to your piece to attract viewers to it.

But what are the best fonts this year and how can you use them in text design? Join us as we explore the trendiest fonts of 2022.

Graphic design using modern font for writing Choose Happy in black and white

How do you know if a font is trendy?

As a designer, you have to know what files top fonts of the season, but it can be difficult to stay ahead Visual and design trends. To make things easier, we have a few tips for deciding whether or not a font is trendy.

First, you must be active on social media. Follow other designers, artists, and innovative brands to stay on top of their favorite editing techniques and fonts. If font or typography is gaining popularity, you will likely notice more designers using it in their designs. The more design-focused calculations you follow, the sooner you discover new trendy lines.

You can also read about it modern lines in technical magazines. Most designer-oriented magazines (digital and print) give predictions about upcoming trends before the season. If you stay on top of the pointers, you will slowly learn how to anticipate them on your own.

Finally, brush your teeth Typing basics. Once you learn these basics, you’ll understand what fonts mean, how to use them together, and how to design with them. As a designer, you have the potential to be a trendsetter, so use any fonts you want and it just might get trendy.

An example of a modern font in graphic design

What is the most famous font in 2021?

Helvetica, without a doubt, is the most popular font and has been for a while now. Keep in mind that Helvetica isn’t necessarily the trendiest font of last year, but it’s the most popular. This is mostly due to the fact that Helvetica is used for pretty much everything. Even Helvetica alternatives They look very similar.

All in all, 2021 was a great year for print. From line to typewriter fontsThere was a lot of variety among popular fonts last year. Helvetica might usually take the spotlight, but that’s mostly for practical reasons, as it’s very visible across both digital and print media.

The best and trendiest fonts for 2022

So what will be in fashion this year? after Last year’s designer linesWe expect 2022 to be a year full of hope, trials and surprises. Here are our top picks for Best fonts for designers In 2022:

1) Free Neue Light

Elegant simplicity doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in 2022 and Bebas Neue Light is here to prove it. Based on the original free Bebas Neue font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa, Bebas Neue Light is an amazing new addition to the Bebas Neue sans-serif font family.

The elegance of the line is captured by its clean lines and elegant shapes. The nature of the caps makes it great for a title and logo designsThis makes a great addition to a designer’s portfolio. If you use simple typewriter fonts, Bebas Neue Light might become your favorite font this year.

The new light font in beba


The ITC Blair has been around for a long time and will finally get its turn to shine among the fashionable lines this year. This font started as a simple metallic typeface for the telephone and was popular from the 2000s to the 1950s. In 1997 Jim Spiece revived the line, bringing it to a new commercial audience. The ITC Blair is inherently elegant and simple, but its unusual weight and width make it impressive. Cool title lines. If you are looking for something simple but loud, this is the font for you.

ITC Blair Line

3) Corvallis Sans Std

Corvallis Sans Std was designed by Philip Bouwsma as part of the larger Corvallis Sans family of fonts. was a fingerprint Interested in calligraphy? And his influence is noticeable in the lines he created. This is a neutral font with a bit of flair, which makes it legible yet eye-catching. The weight of the lines within each character varies, giving the text a dynamic look. In 2022, you will notice variations of this line in stationary designs.

corvallis sans std font

4) Options

Optien should definitely become part of your design arsenal this year. This line is designed for lovers of everything bold but sleek. Optien was designed by Måns Grebäck, a typeface designer based in Sweden. Its weight and boldness make it great for cool title fonts, while the curved nature of the letters give it a modern feel. If you are looking for something more experimental, or maybe even My futureThis is the general streak for you.

modern font optien

5) Sinaloa

Sinaloa is a line that stands out from the crowd so hard to describe. Designed by Rosmarie Tissi, Sinaloa was originally based on an unreleased logo for one of the swimwear manufacturers. Interestingly, the unique vertical lines were only introduced in the second form of the line in the 1980s. This font is perfect for vintage design, posters, album covers, and Commerce Design Projects.

Gorgeous text design in sinaloa font

6) Parisian STD

Parisian Std is one of the most elegant fonts that dominated the market this year. This letter pattern is simple but has a contemporary throwback, which makes it very versatile and memorable. It is perfect for luxury brand logos and Creative Design Projects. Parisian Std has an impressive collection of cursive and typewriter elements, making it a stylish choice among the best fonts of 2022.

Stylish modern line of Parisian std

7) Cello Script

The best fonts for designers this year aren’t limited to typewriter fonts. Calligraphy fonts are also having their time in the spotlight this year and Chelus Script is a testament to that. This elegant font was designed by Måns Grebäck, who also designed the aforementioned Optien font. Intentional irregularities in weight give this line an appearance Authentic look by hand. Calligraphy fonts will be among the best fonts this year because of their inherent beauty.

Modern cello script font for graphic designers

8) Old English Std

Don’t let the “old” in the font name fool you. This black streak is going to be in full force this year, especially in artistic circles. The past year has seen a sudden rise in popularity grunge mods and retro design patterns. This year, we expect that this popularity will extend to print options. Old English font Std will be a popular font for everything from album covers to design the goods.

Great title font for Old English

9) Harlow Std

The 3D nature of Harlow Std makes it visually stand out among modern lines of the year. This intricate handwritten font adds dimension to any type of still image. The font was designed by English designer and photographer Colin Brignall. The Harlow family of decorative fonts was designed in 1979, but has remained trendy throughout the decades. The distinguishing feature of the font lies in its continuous, discontinuous design.

Retro trendy font of Harlow std

10) Smokum

Last but not least in our list of trendy fonts, Smokum is not to be missed. This all-capital font combines heavy, subtle strokes and packs a serious old Western feel. Use Smokum in a design and you will find quite a few people asking you which font you used.

Modern western font from Smokum

Create modern designs with top fonts

Now that we’ve seen some of the best fonts for designers in 2022, it’s time to put them into practice. Fortunately, it’s easy to create designs with these trendy fonts at Picsart.

Here’s howo Find and use a popular font on Picsart’s desktop platform:

step 1) go to Picsart desktop editor and click the button to start a new project.How to start a new project in picsart web

step 2) Click fit In the left toolbar then texture in the top toolbar to select a trendy background for your new design project.

How to add a new background in picsart

Step 3) Choose text In the left toolbar, choose General Font Size under simple textand write your copy. Then click lines In the top toolbar and search for any of the popular fonts mentioned above. Here you can also adjust font color, size, height, character spacing, alignment, text styles, and more.

How to add text to a design in picsart web

step 4) Click “Export” to save the edit to your laptop. Here you can also adjust the file size, upgrade your image, and more.

How to export a trendy font design in picsart web

Do you prefer design over application? Here’s how to access amazing fonts in the Picsart mobile app:

step 1) Open the Picsart app and tap the plus sign (+) to start a new project. tap on backgrounds To choose a great background for your text design.

How to start a new trendy calligraphy project in picsart app

step 2) tap on text In the editor toolbar to access all the text tools. Type your version and then tap on Font in the toolbar. Scroll through the amazing font options or click the up arrow to search for a specific trendy font.

How to bend text to make it look like curved text in picsart app

Step 3) Take your editing process a notch with various text tools. Here we used a file bend text tool (named in twist in the text toolbar). Adjust the slider to get the correct shape.

You can also Change the fill and outline color of your text to match the background, add shadow, adjust highlight, text strokes, blending, spacing, and more.

step 4) Once you have the text you want, add other design elements like attachments And more – all found in editor Toolbar. Here we added a sticker to draw the viewer’s attention to text-based editing and adjust opacity.

How to export trendy font editing in picsart app

step 5) tap on next one and then Memorizes Edit your trendy font on your phone or Mail Edit you with the Picsart community.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can find thousands of pre-made templates and replace your font with one of these modern lines in seconds.

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