Umbrella Logos: Best Ideas and How To Make One

The thing to remember is how the audience can understand your logo design. There was a Chinese pharmaceutical company, for example, that almost adopted a logo very Similar to the Umbrella Corporation (accidentally, another pharmaceutical company) from the Resident Evil series of games. Not really a perfect association. cues from the story? Do your research before you start using all-encompassing logos for your business.

What does the umbrella symbolize?

Do you want a quick game of association? When you hear the word umbrella, what words do you associate it with? Rain, weather, water, hail, protection, shade… All these terms have some kind of association with an umbrella. In the end, the canopy symbolizes protection and protection from external elements. It is a shield that guards and provides security or insurance. So you can see the appeal of using umbrella logos for the right brands.

umbrella logo Ideas

Now that you have a good sense of what the canopy symbolizes, you can start thinking about whether canopy logos are the right choice for your brand. So, what types of companies would a person be a good fit for exactly?

Companies that make umbrellas (obviously!)

umbrella company

Water repellent products

waterproof umbrella company

outdoor furniture companies

Umbrella Furniture Brand

Holiday home rental companies

Insurance companies

non-profit organizations

Drink, cocktail or dessert

You, of course, are not limited to these types of companies. Universal logos can work for all types of brands.

There are several different ways to make a custom umbrella logo. Here are some ideas:

  • standalone umbrella icon with text
  • Embedding the umbrella symbol in the text
  • Comprehensive outline with design/text filled in
  • shaded umbrella
  • person holding an umbrella
  • umbrella with raindrops
  • Top view of an open canopy
  • closed umbrella

How do you decide which logo to use?

The process of narrowing down your logo design can be challenging, especially if you are choosing to design the logo yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to deciding which logo you want to use in your design:

  • The company’s industry, mission, products and/or services
  • Company name, colors, images and any other supporting text will be displayed in the logo
  • Logo size and each component
  • What type of font(s) do you use in the logo text.

Approach your logo design with these key factors in mind. Take a look at the logos of your competitors as well as other companies outside your industry that use umbrellas in their logos. This will give you a better context on how others have successfully incorporated umbrellas into their company logos.

good logo ideas

You know a good logo design when you see one. A great logo design can range from a simple and minimalist black and white design to an intricate and intricate color logo. There are no set rules for how to design a logo as long as it reflects your brand and is aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the basic elements that make a good logo are colour, shape and size. The color may be the first detail that catches your eye. Choosing the right colors can make your brand and industry stand out, and most importantly, attract customers to your business. The shape of your logo can also have an impact. Logo shapes can range from smooth and round to sharp, angular, and everything in between. The look of your logo can reflect the tone of your company and whether it is friendly or serious, modern or traditional, artistic or scientific. Typing and other design details can make all the difference to your logo. Some companies use images, abstract signs, letters, or a combination of these to form their logo.

No matter which direction you ultimately take as you embark on your logo design journey, it is important to remember that your logo must be memorable and must tell your brand story.

Now it’s time to put into practice everything you’ve recently learned about the logo. Whether you use the Picsart mobile app or the desktop editor, you’ll have a variety of font options, logo shapes, photo effects, and stickers to choose from to create the perfect logo.

For mobile designs, open the Picsart app, and follow these easy instructions:

1. Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
2. Upload an image or choose a background to start your own design.
3. Click on attachments at the bottom of the screen.

4. Apply and position the sticker as needed. Feel free to make it bigger or smaller as well.
5. Now let’s add your company name. Click on text tool and write your brand name.
6. Adjust font, size, color, and more. When you’re happy with how it looks, tap Progressing.

7. Make any final adjustments required and click next one To save or publish your logo design.

Do you prefer design on the desktop? Let us guide you through the process.

1. Start your design by pressing new project.

2. Choose the size and shape of your canvas. Click on the color Tool and fill the canvas with your brand color.

3. Click on attachments Tool and search for umbrella stickers.

4. When you’ve settled on the poster you want, add it to the canvas and position it, resize and adjust it according to your needs.

5. Finally, add your company name by clicking text Tool, write text and edit as needed. Click Export when you are finished editing.

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