Unboring Boring: How We Helped Businesses in Boring, Oregon Stand Out

First, to answer the question you probably have: Yes, Boring is a real city. But don’t judge a book by its cover or by its name. For the 8,000 residents who call Boring, Oregon home, the town is more interesting than its name might suggest.

In a sense, that’s exactly what we set out to prove boring dump. We believe that behind every creator, entrepreneur and small business, there is a wonderful story waiting to be told. But often people are quick to judge a book by its cover and dismiss anything that isn’t visually appealing.

So, instead of just talking about all the incredibly easy and smart design tools that business owners have now PicsartWe wanted to show how Design can transform any type of business and help anyone stand out.

Not boring after all

We had an inner feeling that we would find interesting stories and people in Boring. And after doing some research, it became clear that the town was indeed far from boredom: gothic floats, taverns, llama farms, eclectic shops, a vibrant farmers market, and even the Bigfoot Museum.

It was enough for us to get the ball rolling. We have reached out to our film production partners at meat quality and the director Jordan Bhatt To help revive the idea of ​​abolishing a small town. We also spoke with local companies to see if they wanted to join our project. Together we met with local historians, visited shops and markets, and communicated with teachers from nearby schools. All to get a real understanding of the culture and people of the city. We wanted to evacuation Boring, but what would this look like? What does Boring really represent as a city?

This may seem like a lot of preliminary work, but it is essential to help understand the core of the people and communities in our campaign. Jordan, our campaign video director, shares: “[When] Working with real people in their true places, your storytelling opens up to moments of unexpected discovery. When commercials are often built on compositions, references, and pre-visualization, it is great to explore and develop the project in real time. Sometimes following that curiosity can really inspire a project. Regardless, if you’re open about it, you leave after meeting some great people.”

Meet boring companies

Behind the scenes of Unboring Boring filming

Recently finished Our own brand On the project, we figured the best way to offload Boring would be to provide design assistance to local small businesses. Because every business is unique, each presents its own challenges and goals. We picked a few to partner with, and then assembled a team to work directly with each small business owner, helping them get the right design for their needs. Meet them below:

Boring coffee bean roaster

For over 20 years, Boring Bean has been providing, roasting and selling their own coffee beans. And while they’ve become a favorite of local coffee connoisseurs, their packaging was…a little watered down. Together we created unique packaging designs for their cereals from all over the world. Pour a cup of coffee and watch their story.

Boring Bean Cafe Logo Redesign

Non-Profit Nuts-N-Boltz Theater

The Lazenby family has been operating this nonprofit theater company for more than a decade. Frustrated with the lack of quality theater in the area, they simply decided to open their own theater. Together we created new templates so they can easily promote upcoming shows, and updated their banners to attract passersby. Grab a seat and some popcorn, and we’re pulling the curtains on their story.

Redesigned molds for Nutz n Boltz Theater in Boring, Oregon

Bigfoot Center in North America

The Bigfoot Center in North America is probably Boring’s most popular attraction – and nothing is boring. At the museum, visitors can examine strange footprints, see footage of bigfoot scenes, and pick up amazing produce. And while the museum itself attracts a lot of attention, their social media presence hasn’t really made a big footprint. You can watch their story.

The Bigfoot Museum features a non-boring campaign

Production tip: Consider the story you want to tell before setting up your camera. Although most documentaries are unwritten for the most part, write down how you think the story might unfold. This way, you know exactly what kind of content you’ll need to capture before you move into the group. Identifying a potential story in advance can help identify some elements of the film, making you feel more prepared before you go into production.

If they can’t come to the studio, bring the studio to them

We wanted to capture still photos of each business owner in his element to give viewers a real look at these small businesses. While we typically choose studio photography to facilitate post-production editing, in this case it would have been impossible to move their entire work into the confines of a fully lit studio.

So we brought the studio to them. We’ve partnered with a talented photographer east sage To create a pop-up studio within each company. If you are just getting into photography, Create a studio at home easy.

Side by side wallpaper change for picsart non-binding campaign

“The project is generally aimed at promoting small businesses that have been very unique and I all together to highlight things that are being overlooked and underappreciated,” Sage shares. My approach was to figure out how to combine the type of business with the personalities of the owners/workers. Similar to “This is me. And that’s the theme of what I’m doing. I felt like these two together would create some amazing photos.”

Before and after unediting in picsart

Production tip from Sage: “Since some of the subjects were not used to being in front of the camera, I had to make them feel comfortable. I talked to them about their business, had some laughs, and aimed to create a safe space for each one of them. This allowed me to peek at who They are and what they value – making it easier for me to capture it all in one photo.”

Change the background of a small company in a non-boring campaign

construction evacuation look and feel

With our campaign concept closed and small businesses selected, we then had to come up with a way to share it with the world. We decided to create a campaign landing page that could contain all your unpackaged stories in one unified place. But when it came to designing the overall look and feel of our campaign, we ran into an interesting challenge: How do we make a closed genre that exemplifies the transition from “boring” to “lacky”? in a printing, type lockup is a way to maintain design consistency when entering a name.

We were basically asking ourselves, what does an “inappropriate” design look like? We decided to create a dynamic typeface that has two modes. One was straightforward and clean (our ‘boring’ mode) and the other was fun and unexpected (our ‘non-boring’ mode). We partnered with a Spanish type designer Marta Cerda Alimbau To create a lockup type that can be shifted by movement. Having the ability to add movement and fun seemed like a perfect match for our premise of turning something that seems old and outdated, into something imaginative and inspiring.

Character lock for cancel campaign

“The fact that it would be animated helped determine what kind of messaging would work best.” Marta explains how the movement has shaped the thinking behind our species. The text will be alive and so we have another layer of information to play with, another way of expression and movement. It felt like she was just asking someone to move her.”

These were some of the other types of locks we discovered. They all have an element of the expected and the unexpected.

Examples of typeface lock for campaign cancellation

If you’re interested in learning what type of lockups are or want to create your own logo, we’ve got plenty of resources to help you along the way. check the The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design To start designing what you want. There are also tons of making items On the Picsart blog.

Resurrecting the impenetrable stories

So you have a story. I have collected some beautiful pictures, lock type, designs for you to tell. But how do people find all that good stuff you’ve been working on? The answer is… Marketing!

We knew early on that we wanted to create a destination where we could house everyone evacuation stories and provide additional resources for creators to learn how to make similar designs.

On top of that, we also wanted to celebrate the town of Boring and the work we’ve done with the three companies we’ve partnered with, driving visitors from the surrounding communities. That’s why in the next few days we will be putting up several billboards, especially in the Portland area. And because we want to show some local love for these companies, we’ll be showing the videos in local movie theaters so we can bring their stories to life ‘on the big screen’ while also supporting independent theaters.

Billboards outside the house

Outside Home Painting Mockup

There is nothing boring

Everyone has a story to tell that is unique to them. What one person may find boring, others may find wonderful. That’s why we try to keep things small… evacuation.

Whether you’re a creator, a business owner, or just someone who wants to express their creativity, don’t let self-doubt creep in. So we often fall back on an idea because we think people might not like it. Have the confidence and belief to bring your authentic self forward. Because at the end of the day, there’s no one like you in the world, and that’s what makes you fun.

Create culture quickly

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