Why photo books are the most versatile gift

Whether you’re making a copy from scratch for yourself or creating bite-sized copies for your family and friends, a photo book is an always classic for a number of reasons. Read on for a list of creative and thoughtful picture book ideas.

1. Baby’s first picture book

Children change a lot in a year.  Create a photo book of all their first photos, printed in an album

This is our most adorable idea for a picture book since there are so many milestones to document in baby’s first month (not to mention the first year!).

2. Our Marriage / Married One year old

Treasure those moments I do for future anniversaries with this wedding photo book

Create a stunning book about the wedding itself and then create another that showcases the highlights from your exciting first year together, for example housewarming, honeymoon, other trips or vacations, new pets, or the changing seasons.

3. A New Home / A Tribute to Our Old Home

Remember those changes you made to your home in your New Home Photo Book

Moving is always a huge event, whether it’s in a new apartment or forever home. If you’ve been taking pictures since moving day, from living out of boxes to settling in for your first holiday season at home, you can document your progress in a yearbook. Why not check out things like wallpaper samples and decor options to get a look at all the hard work you’ve put in over the year? Print your own Instagram stories from your home improvement adventures. (This “before and after” picture book would be a lot of fun if we looked at it over the years.)

4. Travel / Vacations

Remember those vacations with a travel photo book

This is a clear. There is no more realistic way to enjoy the best travel photos than by compiling them into a wonderful and inspiring travel photo book.

5. General review

Print a year-long review photo book of your best photos

You can start a new tradition by making a photo book every year, even if your children have traveled to the nest. Add your favorite family photos, from enjoying nature to relaxing, relaxing times at home, and look back on another year you spent with the ones you love.

6. The Furry Family

Create a photo book with pictures of your pet

Fill your pet’s yearbook with pictures of everything from relaxing naps to woodland walks and pampering sessions. You can also customize it with cute personalized book clip art as cute.

7. Graduation / University life

Create graduation photo books with Snapfish

From a sentimental graduation party to a move into dorms, there is plenty to celebrate and document at this crucial stage in your child’s life. Create a picture book detailing their trip to this point in photos.

8. Memorial Book

Remember your loved ones with a memorial picture book for their best

Gone but not forgotten. Create a beautiful and touching picture book to commemorate the wonderful life of a loved one.

9. Family history book

Share your family history with a photo book printed with key family documents and photos

This person can be very interesting and even peppy for the creator. Enjoy learning about your family’s history through old photos (which you can scan or take pictures of) and interviews or quotes from older people. Organize the best photos and print a document of your family history as a photo book.

10. True Love / Valentine’s Day

Print your love story as a Snapfish photo book

A picture book featuring your love story would be perfect for your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or your wedding/dating anniversary. You can even create a “10 Reasons I Love You” book to ramp up the cute factor. Check out our bestselling photo book designs that celebrate your love!

11. Mother’s Day / Father’s Day

Mom and Dad love photo books created with printed family photos

Scan pictures of your kids art and mix it up with your best family photos. “Awws” Mum and Dad guaranteed this family picture book idea.

12. Keeping art for children

Save children's art and make a picture book with pictures of their masterpieces

Create “scrapbooks” of all their masterpieces to give them some storage space and for them to look at when they get older. Just shoot these kids masterpieces, upload photos and create a picture book with all the cool kids drawings printed in a photo album that you will all cherish.

13. Family Album

Create a family photo album printed with Snapfish

This is a more elegant and long lasting way to keep track of all those lovely family photos, beloved family events and events for your professionally printed family photo album.

14. Recipe Yearbook

Create a photo book printed with your favorite family recipes.

Create a great document for all the meals the family gathers, or create a collection of your favorite recipes using your own photos.

15. Become a published author/artist

Become a published author and make a photo book with Snapfish

You can make a printed catalog of your portfolio, poetry, short stories, sketches, drawings, art photos, and paintings.

16. Key Achievements

Document your life goals in a photo book with Snapfish

Think about your hobbies as well as what you were doing in school. Display everything from craft projects to new photography techniques or climbing competitions that made your first year memorable in a simple yearbook photo book!

17. Portfolio of your work

Print your wallet as a photo book

A print portfolio is especially useful for artists or those who run their own businesses as a great way to keep your best work in one convenient (and amazing) place! Smaller format photo books are perfect for taking out at a client meeting, too.

What made and celebrated photobooks? We can’t wait to see how she’ll make it the best year ever! Tag us at @snapfishus and #snapfish on Instagram when you share your personal photobook inspiration.

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