World Photography Day 2022: Celebrate with Photo Tips from Picsart Masters

History of World Photography Day

Of course, 2010 wasn’t the first time that the photography community celebrated the art form on World Photography Day. It dates back to 1837 in fact, indicating the invention of the Daguerreotype process (essentially the first commercial example of photography, named in honor of Inventor Louis Jacques Mandy Daguerre). However, as of August 19, 2010, World Photography Day is officially recognized as a bona fide global phenomenon.

What is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day celebrates creativity, craft, science and the history of the art form, while encouraging photographers to share their best photos on social media with the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay, with the aim of inspiring others. Incorporating an online gallery for the first time in 2010, featuring entries from over 250 photographers, it has attracted interest from more than 100 countries around the world. In the decade since, World Photography Day has grown and expanded into an even greater success.

Let’s take a look at some photos Tips and tricks To inspire you to take your photo this year. Keep these pointers in mind as you introduce World Photography Day.

10 photo tips for World Photography Day

On World Photography Day, we asked the community of Picsart Masters for expert insights on how to take the best shot possible. They duly handed over. Whether you are photographing foodOr pets, portraits, landscapes or anything else esoteric, if you follow their advice, you won’t go wrong. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, it is never too late to learn something new. Feel free to experiment with any or all of them, but remember, when it comes to creativity, the most important component is you and your imagination.

1. Embrace Low Light

This tip is very ingenious but very simple and easy to follow. Comes with permission from Picsart Master Tweet embed Which offers some common sense when it comes to getting the perfect shot. Always keep the light down before taking a photo. Because you can always make the photo lighter afterwards, but it’s really hard to change overexposed photos taken this way.” Bonus points: Low light adds a moody effect to your photography.

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2. Use the blur effect

Another clever tip that will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it first. this time across Tweet embed Who wisely notes that “the blur effect makes the subject of any image more interesting.” Consider adding a blur effect to your photos this World Photography Day and you’ll see for yourself how different it can make even in the most monotonous of photos. There are all kinds of creativity Ways you can make blur effects, so feel free to try it out for your presentation on World Photography Day.

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Wondering how to use motion blur? Get started with editing with this tutorial:

3. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

A simple way to avoid having to do a lot of post-production photo editing is to make sure your composition is completely ready in the first place. And the easiest way to do that is to get rid of the clutter. You probably think you’ve hit this already, right? But don’t take our word for it. more than Tweet embed. “Before I start shooting away, I can get to the background and anything in the general area that might make a mess or take away from my shot, like debris or a lot of people or things.”

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Photo editing pro tip: If you haven’t done it before, you can also use background remover tools for Remove clutter from your photos.

4. Take your time

Getting rid of clutter is one thing. But sometimes, stabilizing the shot needs a little more than that. for this reason Tweet embed It also stresses the virtue of patience. Good things come to those who wait, after all. “You may need to set the camera to take a close-up of a particular thing you are photographing. You can also change the background a bit if you are photographing an object or a person. A lot of times, I have to sit back and wait for my perfect shot. It doesn’t require patience. When all else fails, use Scan tool to clean up your photo”.

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Just think how long it takes to get a file The perfect sunset picture, then how quickly a landscape shot can develop in such a short period of time. You’ll get the best World Photography Day photos if you give yourself plenty of time to prepare your shot.

5. See things differently

Angles are everything. If you really want to capture something special on World Photography Day and beyond, try to think outside the box about how to bring out your subject in a unique way. One of the best pointers on how to do this comes from Tweet embed. “Get the same level as your subject. So flower photography Or children, kneel, or sometimes lie down, to get a low angle. People are used to seeing these things from above, so it’s a simple way to show an angle that isn’t usually seen. And it really shows the true essence of the topic.”

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6. Move your body

This may seem obvious at first glance, like all the best advice. But it is often overlooked. “If you want the subject to be closer, move yourself and approach it. She urges Tweet embed. “If you want interesting perspectives, move your body. Lie on the floor, stand in a chair, move left or right. Don’t just look at things as you normally do, move around and see how the subject changes.”

#freetoedit via Picsart

But movement should not be limited to the photographer. that animated theme It can also yield interesting results. “If you’re taking pictures, ask your model to move,” he adds. Tweet embed. “They can move their arms, walk back and forth, or flip their hair. Movement makes everything look more natural.”

7. Try this one at night

Are you ready for something more technical? Don’t worry, it’s still quite functional and something that applies to newcomers and seasoned rookies alike. It says “Use a tripod and RC for night photography” @You are evil.

Wondering why your late-night shots don’t turn out the way you wished? I wonder no more. “Be sure to use a longer shutter speed for night photography.” This will help you catch the stars better.

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8. Follow the rules of fonts

Let’s make this simple. You already have everything you need to take the best shot of the World Photography Day Challenge. All you have to do is trust your instincts and your eye and let the camera do the rest. glory to Tweet embed for wisdom in this. “Follow the rules of the lines and build from the camera, and make your eye an extension of the camera.” Keep Golden Ratio Keep in mind and run the grid on the camera so you can make sure the items are perfectly centered.

Combine your style with a unique remix.  Unsplash (Paul Skorupskas) # lense # lenses #background #backgrounds #freetoeditvia Picsart

9. Remember, rules are made to be broken

Using the natural lines of your frame to draw attention to a subject or focal point is all well and good, but that doesn’t mean you need to shoot everything straight or perfectly centered. exactly the contrary. “I never shoot anything in the middle of a photo” Tweet embed.

The next time you’re behind the lens, try setting the subject of your shot slightly off center. Shift the pivot point left or right, up or down, to create a more dramatic frame and composition. It also allows you to incorporate some other shooting tips, such as adding blur effect, manipulating color effects, and shooting in Different times of the dayAnd remove the clutter from the background.

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10. Use your imagination (your loneliness)

Mr. Picsart Tweet embed Emphasizes the importance of sharpness. “For optimum sharpness, check the focus where you want to shoot. On many cameras, you can hear a click when focusing. This is a sign that the focus is well set.” If you’re taking photos on a mobile device, tap the screen where you want the camera focus and you’ll see it adjust to focus on your hotspot. Sharpness of the image is important in both portrait and landscape photography, so make sure your photos are clear from the start. It will save you time in post-production editing.

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Regardless of your device, Tweet embed He reminds us that “a good picture is not about the equipment you have, but how your imagination can bring the picture to life”. The nice thing about photography is that anyone can do it, even if you’re just taking it Unique Selfie at home. What makes your photos unique and personal is what you present to them. Your perspective and how you see the world is what will make your photos stand out on World Photography Day and every other day of the year.

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